Studio AM is a team of innovative and creative individuals based in Los Angeles. We encounter each of our projects with diligence, innovativeness, and welcome new challenges with burst of curiosity and passion. We work with businesses as collaborators and partners, to connect them to their ideal audience.

Our Firm Was Built on The Passion for Design, Marketing, and the Drive to Help Businesses Prosper.

The right message. The right audience. The right medium.


We help businesses connect with people by crafting meaning and stories through design using branding strategies and marketing techniques.

Our mission is to boost your company image to help your business grow.

Core Values

  • Delivering great service

  • Creating fun and uniqueness

  • Being fearless, creative, and open-minded

  • Pursuing growth and learning

  • Building a positive team and family spirit

  • Be Humble
  • Treating people with respect & dignity

  • We face challenges with optimism
  • We believe in people and their dreams
  • Creativity / Innovation / Risk-taking

Project Management

We use an agile management system that pushes our team to put value and adaptabilty into their work.Transparency is vital to our process as it allows clients to see and understand what is happening in each stage of the process; thus achieving a better communication and trust between our team and the client.

The Team